First, let me welcome you to ancient-astronomer.com.

My name is Ron Messick.

My interest in ancient astronomy was fostered by the late Carl Sagan who was perhaps the most well known astronomer of the 20th century. When I first became acquainted with Dr. Sagan the space-age was well underway, having already landed men on the surface of the Moon. He painted a vivid picture of what lie ahead. But what had intrigued me the most was when he spoke of the mysterious ancient astronomers who–several thousand years ago–had somehow figured out the immensely complex cycles that formed the foundation for modern astronomy.

Like most everyone else raising a family, there was precious little time to explore mysteries from the ancient past. But all that changed the day I retired.

Now, my full-time job is investigating what I refer to as incredible coincidences. It’s kind of like putting together really big puzzles (without the picture on the box). In the beginning the number of potential matches is always bewildering. But over time a few pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, and you begin to get fleeting glimpses of the bigger picture. Often, an incredible story unfolds.

One of the most intriguing incredible coincidences is the identical 360-day calendar systems that were used by ancient middle-eastern, far-eastern and Meso-American cultures for thousands of years. If you have an inquisitive mind, I think you’ll enjoy reading this post.

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